2019: 9/11 All-Stars
Posted May 9, 2019

Stay Tuned. Registration closes May 17, 2019. 

9 to 11 All Stars: practices start around June 10. The tournament starts July 6 in Tigard.  If CMLL wins the district bracket, they move to the next round of tournament in Klamath Falls on July 19, 2019.

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2018: 9/11 All Stars








Congratulations to our 2018 9-11 All Star Team!  Good Luck in winning the District Title this year!!!

The District 4 tournament will be held at Cook Park in Tigard, starting on June 28. Click HERE for the tournament schedule.

#22 Michael Braeden
#2 Calvin Emms
#24 Abe Havelick
#21 Austin Hosch
#1 Owen Hosch
#15 Johnathan Ingalls
#7 Declan Kenney
#12 Colby Lipp
#3 Brady Peterson
#20 Gavin Riley
#29 Will Slater
#10 Max Waldrip

Managers: Jason Hosch, Jeff Ingalls, and David Waldrip
Assistant: Zachary Kenney



2019 All Stars and Honors
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