Board of Directors

The Cedar Mill Little League Board of Directors are elected annually by the membership of Cedar Mill Little League.  These hard working volunteers dedicate countless hours to making the baseball experience of the players, parents, and supporters a fun and memorable one.  More than anything, the goal of the Board of Directors is to promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority so that the children of our community may be well adjusted, stronger, and happier children and will grow to be decent, healthy, and trustworthy citizens.

 Board meeting minutes are available upon request.

Board Position                                       Name                                        Email Address

President                                              Marko Radosavljevic     

Vice President                                      Jeff Ginter                      

Treasurer                                              Mike Schneck                

Player Agent                                          Tony Dabbs                  

Coaches Coordinator                           Scott Clarke                   

Field Coordinator                                  Jason Hosch                 

Safety Coordinator                               Dean Beckley                

Sponsorship Coordinator                     Betty Tschanz                

Uniform/Equipment Coordinator          Eric Arnold                     

Umpire Coordinator                             Jeff Ingalls                     

Sponsorship Committee                      Betty Tschanz, Michael Hester

Community Outreach Committee        Alex Dzyuba, Marko and Jennifer Radosavljevic

Five Year Plan Committee                   Dave Gorman, Scott Manos, Mike Schneck, Jeff Ingalls, Gary Martz