Letter from Player Agents (December 2018)
Posted Dec 13, 2018

Bats & Helmets: Cedar Mill Little League Giving Guide

Happy Holidays!  For some of us, Santa is soon on his way to deliver presents to good baseball girls and boys… and their families.  

If you plan to ask Santa for baseball or Cedar Mill Little League gear this year, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • BATS

Little League requires the use of certified bats according to the USA Baseball Bat standard.  No exceptions. Uncertified bats will not be allowed. So if you or someone you know is interested in a new bat this year, check out the following links for a list of bat requirements to send Santa:




Cedar Mill Little League considers the safety of players and volunteers to be the top priority.  Just as bats are required to be certified, helmets have requirements too. C-flaps are the latest safety improvement in helmet design.  More and more Major Leaguers and Little Leaguers are choosing to use helmets that further protect their face. Although there are several “after-market” helmet attachments available, please remember that any modification to a helmet (including the addition of a c-flap) may void the manufacturers’ certification.  If Santa is interested in a c-flap helmet this holiday season, please read the following:


  • Team UNIS

In the spring season, all little league teams are assigned jerseys and hats according to a Major League Baseball team (for example: T-Ball Pirates, A Rockies, AA Cubs, AAA Dodgers, Majors Red Sox).  MLB team names will not be assigned until the end of March. But in the meantime, you can pick up Cedar Mill Little League Sawblades gear at the local store of one of our league sponsors, Team Unis @ 12965 NW Cornell Rd.  Don’t forget, shirts, sweatshirts and hats can be personalized!



Also one of Cedar Mill Little League’s premier sponsors, Dick’s Sporting Goods should be your first stop for baseball gear this holiday season.  Look for in-store and online holiday deals!


Your gift to Cedar Mill Little League: Register Early!

The holiday season is busy and hectic.  Cross “Register for Spring Baseball” off your To-Do list today.  Registration is open! Find the link to registration on the Cedar Mill Little League website: http://www.cmllonline.org/home

If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the player agents: Melissa Gresham (pa@cmllonline.org) or Kristin Dann (equipment@cmllonline.org).

Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday filled with joy!

Melissa Gresham & Kristin Dann

Player Agents

Letter from the President (November 2018)
Posted Nov 28, 2018

Baseball Families of Cedar Mill,

What a great fall ball season for Cedar Mill!  A long stretch of dry weather offered near constant baseball for the 10 Cedar Mill teams who made Sunset Park our home this fall.  Now that we have the holidays quickly approaching, baseball may not be at the forefront of your thoughts, but it is front and center for me.  As a seasoned coach and newly elected president of CMLL, this is the time of year to set the table for a successful 2019. The recently elected Board of Directors (BOD) have been meeting to collaborate on ideas that will enable increased participation, improved coaching/player development, clear communication channels and an early eye on developing our post-season teams.  I’d like to share our view on the vision for next year and beyond.

Increased Participation

Cedar Mill is well positioned in a community with highly maintained facilities at Sunset Park, HMT Complex, PCC Rock Creek in addition to our local elementary and middle schools.  We offer entry level T-Ball for our young boys and girls looking to get started with our national pastime. Led by volunteer parent/coaches, this level of play is an excellent entry to organized sports for our players and parents alike.  We have the facilities and the organization necessary to support growth in our entry level divisions as well as growing numbers of talented ball players to expand our higher divisions.

Coaching / Player Development

As a volunteer coach organization, we are both dependent on volunteer coaches and defined by their quality.  Coaches who grow with our many levels of play may benefit from a higher level of commitment to teaching skills, communicating rules and developing young ball players along the way.  To assist in this coaching development we plan to continue to offer professional coaching clinics to our volunteer coaches as well as proposing mentorship programs that facilitate knowledge sharing from our higher divisions to our newer coaches.

We believe that our league stands to all rise together as we collaborate towards improving our quality of coaching and cohesiveness as a unit.  We are in the planning stages towards offering league wide development practices for position specific training. The focus on this idea is to enable growth in the specific fundamentals necessary for pitching, catching, in-fielding, out-fielding and first-base.  We have connections with area baseball coaches who have expressed interest in working with CMLL on our position specific training and intend on capitalizing on those resources.


At the end of the 2018 Spring Baseball season a survey was offered to participating parents to offer feedback towards their experience in the league.  This feedback was helpful and enlightening for the BOD to hear and discuss for improvements. We would like to continue this feedback process by continuing to offer a parent survey at the end of each season.  For issues that need immediate attention, we’ve discussed ways to facilitate real-time communication directly with parents.

Post-Season Opportunities

We plan to discuss our post-season opportunities to families early in the spring season to ensure that the time commitments and expectations for participation are clearly understood.  The extended season is an excellent platform to continue our development while working with high skilled teammates and coaches towards tournament success. The possibility to extend a season with high level competition can fuel big dreams and motivate coaches and players for improvement throughout the season.

We have a lot of positive momentum at our back with increased numbers in most of our divisions and an increasing level of interested coaches with baseball backgrounds volunteering to help our young ball players.  Please assist me in this effort and spread the word to friends, neighbors and classmates that can join in the experience of Cedar Mill Little League.

Registration for Spring 2019 is now open.  Please register here.

See you at the ballpark,

Craig Dean


Spring 2019 is OPEN!
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.