Catching Drills - Spring 2019
Positional Training - Catcher 4/19/19 @ 5pm (Cedar Mill Elem)
Posted Apr 18, 2019

Positional Training - Catcher 4/19/19 @ 5pm (Cedar Mill Elementary)

Our first installment of league wide positional training is slated for this Friday April 19th at Cedar Mill Elementary (5pm).  These training opportunities are purely optional and intended for our ball players in the kid pitch divisions (AAA/Minors/Majors).  We will have several coaches on hand to walk through some of the basics for the position of catcher as well as drills intended for ball players who have advanced skill development at this position.

If you have your own catchers gear, please bring that to the training.  I will put together a few sets from our equipment bin to support those who request league gear.

In order to plan for the space and coaches needed for this training, please sign up through this link to indicate your interest in attending.  If you have a team practice at the same time of this training, please either prioritize your team practice or ask your coach about attending the league wide training.

 I look forward to seeing you out on the field.

Craig Dean

President, CMLL


Player Development - Off Season

For more details read below, and click here: 

 Off Season Training Opportunities

 Winter Break Camp 2018 at Mound Time

 Winter Break Camp 2018-19 at The Yard 

 Catching Camp (Feb 23-24, 2019) at The Yard

CMLLS Parents,

Since the end of our Cedar Mill fall baseball season the CMLL board and committees have been very busy working on ways to improve our league.  There are a lot of exciting programs in store that you will learn more about over the coming months, but one specific opportunity that we want to make you aware of now is an opportunity for high quality offseason baseball instruction through local academies for CMLL players.   Please note there is an open house tomorrow, Thursday, Nov 29th at one of the academies - please see the details below.

Why are we offering this?

The CMLL board investigated other leagues and programs and looked at the areas that directly translated into the success of their athletes.  We recognized that one area that these leagues were very good was offering offseason instruction.  We became committed to finding ways to offer this type of training for our players and also recognized that we needed to do this in a way that would still allow our baseball athletes to play other sports as well over the winter months.  While we are focused on baseball skills, we also prioritized character development in our search.  We are lucky to have some local top tier baseball academies in our community that share these same goals.  We put together a small group of CMLL board members along with members of our 5-year Planning and Player Development committees to visit and evaluate a few of these academies.  Many of our CMLL players and families are already familiar with Mound Time and The Yard and this offseason we are happy to be partnering with them to offer custom tailored programs for CMLL players.

For those who aren’t familiar with The Yard, they are a top tier baseball academy and have offered expert instruction to area players for over 10 years.  The Yard specializes in comprehensive youth baseball instruction, baseball skills development, private baseball coaching, private baseball lessons, and seasonal camps.  The Yard instructors have a very strong mix of playing experience in both college and professional baseball and have translated this experience in to specific training for youth baseball.  Many of our local youth, including CMLL players, have directly benefited from The Yard instruction and gone on to play high school and college baseball.

For those who aren’t already familiar with Mound Time, they are an elite baseball training program entering their 15th season of offering families total immersion in the game of baseball.  Mound Time offers skill camps, position-specific classes, individual lessons, SPARQ training, fall baseball, and nationally-recognized college preparatory summer baseball teams.  The goal of Mound Time’s team of instructors is to help young players reach their full potential. This has resulted in Mound Time prep teams achieving a tremendous amount of success in local, regional, and national tournaments.  Mound Time has developed thousands of local players and prides itself in team baseball success while also promoting the individual player’s long term goals.

To find out more specific information on these two baseball academies please check them out on their web pages:

·        Mound Time:

·        The Yard:

 How can we sign up?

You can find details for both offseason training opportunities here.  Both Mound Time and The Yard are offering opportunities in December so that your players can get a feel for their programs, but to sign up for December we need to act fast.  Please contact Gary Martz (  Both academies are also offering longer sessions January – March to continue offseason training and start to transition into our spring season.  

If you are interested please reach out to Gary Martz ( and/or Jeff Ingalls ( and we can help get you signed up.

If you have questions or want additional information please contact Gary or Jeff or also feel free to reach out to any other CMLL board member -

And lastly, if you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to get involved with any of our CMLL committees please contact a board member -

 Thank you,

Gary Martz

CMLL 5-year Planning Committee Chairman

Little League Resources
Posted Nov 28, 2018

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