ABC Vision Eye Exam
Posted Mar 18, 2018

ABC Vision supports youth sports, including several CMLL teams, so look for their logo this year.  They have clinics in Portland, Hillsboro, and Sherwood, and over 20,000 patients rely on ABC Vision as their local Eye Doctor of choice.  They believe everyone deserves superior service in eye care since your vision is how you see your world. You can learn more or book at appointment at   

To promote proper performance and protection for your child, ABC Vision is providing a Groupon that will make getting proper performance and protective eyewear for your child easier.  This Groupon will provide $49 for Comprehensive Eye Exam and $200 Value Towards Glasses ($399 Value.)  This promotion is good for you or anyone in your family and is for a limited time.  Normally an Eye Exam runs between $100-199.  With the $200 Value towards Glasses you will still be looking at about $162-$212 out of pocket.  If you want photochromic lenses (Transitions) to auto darken on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light that will be an additional $99.  It’s a good deal!

For more information about baseball eye safety and ABC Vision, please click on the Read More link below.



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