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2019 Post Season Tournaments

Posted May 9, 2019

Does your player love baseball so much that three months just isn't enough? Are they looking to expand their baseball skills even farther through post-season tournament play?

Registration is now open through May 17, 2019 for CMLL post season play.

Cedar Mill Little League is preparing to select players for the Post Season. All players who are interested in being considered for selection to any of the Cedar Mill Little League post season tournament teams must register. No player can be selected without signing up online at Please read the attached information carefully before signing up. Players will be selected based on their playing ability, eligibility, and availability.

Schedule: Tournaments typically are formatted with pool play followed by single elimination. Tournaments typically last seven to nine days. Players are expected to be present at all practices and games. The dates for the tournaments are tentatively scheduled as follows…

8 to 10 Honors: practices start around June 10, 2019. The one-week tournament starts June 15 at location TBD

11 to 12 Honors: practices start around June 10, 2019 The one-week tournament starts June 15 at Alpenrose

8 to 10 All Stars: practices start around June 10, 2019. The tournament starts June 26, 2019 in Lake Oswego. If CMLL wins the district bracket, they move to the next round of tournament in Clackamas on July 6, 2019.

9 to 11 All Stars: practices start around June 10. The tournament starts July 6 in Tigard. If CMLL wins the district bracket, they move to the next round of tournament in Klamath Falls on July 19, 2019.

10 to 12 (Majors) All Stars: practices start around June 10, 2019. The tournament starts June 29, 2019 at Alpenrose. If CMLL wins the district bracket, they move to the State tournament, in Bend, OR on July 13, 2019. If CMLL wins the State tournament, they move to the regional tournament in San Bernadino, CA on August 5, 2019.

Attendance Requirements: CMLL post-season teams play in very competitive District 4 tournaments. This level of play requires our teams to work very hard to maximize talents and be competitive. Consequently, the teams will plan on practicing daily (some teams may practice twice a day) and playing some practice games in the weeks prior to the tournaments. This is a big commitment and the players are required to make this team their priority, or they will not be considered for selection. The managers will have the option to dismiss a player for lack of attendance. This means sports camps, family vacations, and other sports teams must be postponed until the completion of these post-season baseball tournaments.

Participation Cost: Costs will be $125 per player for All Stars and $85 per player for Honors. Financial scholarships are available.

Residency: Players must either maintain a residence within the CMLL boundaries or have a school waiver or a II(d) waiver in place to be eligible for post-season play. Parents will be asked to provide proof of residency paperwork.

Age: Teams are divided by age. League age can be determined using chart at:

  • 12s – September 1, 2006 – August 31, 2007
  • 11s – September 1, 2007 – August 31, 2008
  • 10s – September 1, 2008 – August 31, 2009
  • 9s – September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2010
  • 8s – September 1, 2010 – August 31, 2011

If you are interested in All-Star consideration, please read the following paragraph twice. Due to the competitve nature of All-Star teams, rosters and position placement are decided to maximize the chance of a victory.

Tournament Rules: All-Star tournaments do not bat the roster. A nine player batting order is used and National Little League Substitution Rules will apply. If a tournament team has thirteen (13) or more eligible players in uniform at a game, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of one (1) at bat. If a tournament team has twelve (12) or fewer eligible players in uniform at a game, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of six (6) consecutive defensive outs and bat at least one (1) time. Consequently, playing time will not be distributed evenly. These are competitive teams, and the games will be managed to maximize the chance of victory. It is important that you discuss these aspects of tournaments with your player before you register to avoid any potential disappointment. We also recommend that you read “All-Stars Experience” ( on the CMLL website for additional perspective.

Coaches for all teams will be selected by the CMLL board. The board will also have final approval of all post-season tournament rosters.

Expect Team rosters and coaches will be announced the first week of June. Parent meetings will happen shortly afterwards, and practices begin after the Majors, Minors and AAA Championships. Expect them to start in the June 10thtimeframe (barring rainout issues). Both the parent meeting and the practices are mandatory.

If you have read to this point, you are definitely interested in post season play - congrats! Please register by May 17, 2019 at

Thank you so much! If you have questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected].

Melissa Gresham

CMLL Player Agent

CMLL Coaches Meeting (Spring 2019)

Posted Mar 12, 2019

Cedar Mill Coaches,

Thank you for your volunteering your time to coach a Cedar Mill Little League baseball team. Our children will have the fun opportunity to learn and play baseball this Spring because of volunteers like you!

The T-Ball, A, and AA Coaches meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13th at Villa Sport starting at 7 p.m. AAA, Minors, and Majors coaches: you will need to attend one of the 3 offered First Aid training opportunities, and First Aid will be covered in the first 20 mins of the March 13th Coaches meeting as well as at the two upcoming Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Training sessions.

The first PCA session is Saturday, March 16 from 9-to-10:30 AM at McMahon Hall located at St. Pius X Church (1280 NW Saltzman Rd). The second PCA session will be held on April 7th, location details forthcoming. Please note all new and returning CMLL coaches are required to attend one of the two planned, PCA sessions.

To expedite the check-in process at Villa, please complete the online guest form found here, (needed if you're not a current member of Villa) We have reserved the meeting space from 7 - 9 p.m., and although we do not anticipate taking the full 2 hours to go over the material, you may purchase refreshments from the cafe located off the main entrance and bring to the meeting if you would like. Each team should send at least one coach. Agenda:

  • Season Overview
  • First Aid & Safety Talk
  • Fields Discussion
  • Division Breakouts - Led by Division Coordinator
    • Rules Review
    • Rules Revision if desired
    • Schedule Discussion
      • Coach constraints (if not done beforehand)
      • Get the first week set before you leave for AA and A
        • Practices can start as early as Saturday, March 16th for AA and A
        • Practices start April 1 for T-ball
    • Team names (if not done beforehand)
    • Team Connect Discussion for anybody new to it

Also, you will not get your practice field assignments until at least two coaches from each team have taken mandatory annual concussion training and submitted their completed form to Shelby Doss at [email protected]. This is an Oregon state law. Ideally you'll have it done before the meeting. If you have taken it for another sport in July 2018 or later, you can send that certificate and do not have to retake the course. HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training | HEADS UP | CDC Injury Center HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training | HEADS UP | CDC Injury Center

See you there!


Jason Hosch and Betty Tschanz

CMLL Field Coordinator and VP

CMLL Letter from the Player Agent (1/18/19)

Posted Jan 21, 2019

Let’s Start with Fun

Please show your support of Cedar Mill Little League on January 25th with Wear your Jersey to School Day! Show off your baseball pride and if asked, let your friends know registration is still open. If you are new to Cedar Mill Little League, join us by wearing baseball themed clothing or Cedar Mill Little League colors of Red and Blue!


Only two weeks remaining of regular registration for Spring 2019 little league baseball! Right now, half of last year’s players have already registered for Spring 2019. Regular Registration for AAA, Minors and Majors closes Sunday, January 27th. Late registration comes with a $25 late fee and closes Sunday, February 3rd. Regular registration for T-Ball, A, and AA closes Sunday, February 10th. Late registration comes with a $25 late fee and closes Sunday, February 17th. Registration links can be found here:

Coaches Clinics

CMLL is offering several coaching clinics to keep our coaches up to date on the latest tips and techniques for coaching little league baseball.

CMLL is once again participating in the Friends of Baseball Coaching Clinic on Sunday, February 10th from 12:30pm to 5:30pm at the Multnomah Athletic Club. This is great clinic for coaches in the older divisions (league age 10 and older), but anyone who is interested will certainly learn something! In order to participate, please email Jason Hosch at [email protected] by Tuesday January 29th so he can put your name on the list. There is no fee for coaches… this one is on us!

The Annual Len Clarke Coaching Clinic will be held again this year on March 2nd from 12pm to 4pm at the Garden Home Recreation Center. Many of the CMLL coaches have attended Len’s clinic in the past, and it has been a great benefit to our league. This is a particularly good clinic for first time coaches. No pre-registration is necessary.

Len Clarke will also be providing a specialized pitching coaching training on March 3rd from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at the Cedar Hills Recreation Center. The Len Clarke Pitching Coaching Clinic is a specific training for Cedar Mill Little League and no charge to participating coaches. Len Clarke will be giving a special coaching clinic focusing on teaching young baseball players how to pitch. This clinic is geared towards coaches at the Majors, Minors, AAA, and even AA levels.

Player Development

We are pleased to announce player development opportunities for players who have registered for Spring 2019 baseball. If you are not registered yet, Spring season registration is available at These Spring Training practices will be held on turf fields at Mt. View Champions Park and Conestoga Middle School beginning January 26th and continuing each Saturday through February. A coaching staff featuring a mix of CMLL volunteers and area high school coaches will work with our ball players on basic fundamentals relevant to their age. An e-mail inviting registered ball players to sign up for these practice dates will be sent closer to the first training session.

*Only registered coaches who have passed the background check will be permitted to work with our kids.

AAA, Minors, and Majors

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the OPTIONAL Spring Training night at Indoor Goals on February 22 from 6pm to 10pm. This evening of events takes AAA, Minors, and Majors players through drills and activities similar to what they will experience in player evaluations. Spring Training is a great opportunity to dust off the glove and get back into the swing of baseball while the kids become comfortable with the set up and indoor environment that will be used for evaluations.

For the AAA, Minors, and Majors divisions, Player Evaluations are MANDATORY and will occur at Indoor Goals on February 24th from 9:30am to 3:30pm. Each player is assigned a small group that rotates through warm up catch, fielding drills, a hitting station, and a timed sprint. The total time spent per player is about one hour – each player will not attend the full player evaluation day. Players’ exact time slots will be assigned closer to the date of evaluations and will be communicated at that time.

The AAA, Minors, and Majors coaches then draft teams at coaches meetings on February 26th for Majors, February 27th for Minors, and February 28th for AAA. Players can expect to be notified by their new coaches with details of their teams within a week after the draft meetings. Draft processes were detailed in a previous email, which can be found on our website at Agents' Letter.

The timing of the AA, A, and T-Ball coaches meeting is still to be determined, but expect it to occur around the 1st or 2nd week of March. The time and date will be communicated closer to the end of registrations.

Please Remember:

Bats & Helmets must be certified:

Get your latest Cedar Mill gear at our sponsor, Team Unis:

Join our CMLL Facebook page: Cedar Mill Little League Facebook page

Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our webpage:

Important Dates:

Jan 25: Wear Your Jersey to School Day before or after school: All players

Jan 27: Last day of Regular Registration for AAA, Minors, and Majors!

(From 1/28 through 2/3, an additional $25 will be charged)

Feb 3: Last day of Late Registration for AAA, Minors, and Majors

Feb 10: Last day of Regular Registration for T-Ball, A, and AA!

(From 2/11 through 2/17, an additional $25 will be charged)

Feb 10: Friends of Baseball Clinic: Multnomah Athletic Club 12:30pm – 5:30pm: Tailored for coaches of

league age 10 and above, but all coaches are welcome

Feb 17: Last day of Late Registration for T-Ball, A, and AA

Feb 22: Spring Training: Indoor Goals 6-10pm: Optional for all AAA, Minors, and Majors players

Feb 24: Player Evaluations 9:30am – 3:30pm: Mandatory for all AAA, Minors, and Majors players

Feb 26: Coaches Meeting & Draft for Majors: Time & Location TBD

Feb 27: Coaches Meeting & Draft for Minors: Time & Location TBD

Feb 28: Coaches Meeting & Draft for AAA: Time & Location TBD

Mar 2: Len Clarke Coaching Clinic: Garden Home Recreation Center 12-4pm: Open to all coaches

Mar 2: Dick’s Sporting Goods Discount Day for CMLL – more details to come

Mar 3: Dick’s Sporting Goods Discount Day for CMLL – more details to come

Mar 3: Len Clarke Pitching Coaching Clinic: Cedar Hills Rec Center 1:30pm-3:30pm: Open to all coaches

Mar 9: First practices for AAA, Minors, and Majors

Mar 16: First practices for A and AA

Apr 1: First practices for T-Ball

Apr 6: Opening day for AAA, Minors, and Majors

Apr13: Opening day for T-Ball, A, and AA

Post Season (All-Stars and Honors)

It’s mid-January, so you are likely not thinking about vacations in June and July, but if your son or daughter may want to participate in a post-season tournament this year, please plan accordingly. At the end of the regular season, CMLL will field three All Star teams to compete in the District 4 tournaments at the 8-10, 9-11, and Majors (10-12) levels. The winners of these three tournaments advance to the respective state tournaments. For the 8-10 and 9-11 teams, State is the end, but the winner of the State Majors tournament advances to Regionals and eventually to the Little League World Series. The majority of the players for the three All Star teams will come from the Majors and Minors divisions. District 4 also offers honors tournaments at the 8-10 and 11-12 levels so that players who do not make an All Star team or cannot commit to the timeframe can also experience post season play. These players will come from the Majors, Minors and AAA divisions.

Post season participation is a unique opportunity for our players, and the expectation is that the tournaments and the practices leading up to the tournaments take priority over other activities, including sports camps, other sports, and vacations. The exact schedule will not be set for some time, but here is last season's schedule as a guideline to enable plenty of time for summer planning.

All teams announced - First week of June
Practices will start immediately after the regular season ends
8-10 Honors: June 16 - 23
11-12 Honors: June 16 - 23
8-10 All-Stars Districts: June 25 - July 2
8-10 All-Stars State: July 12 - 17
9-11 All-Stars Districts: June 28 - July 3
9-11 All-Stars State: July 7-13
Majors All-Stars Districts: July 5-13
Majors All-Stars State: July 21-26
Majors Regionals: August 6-12
Majors World Series: August 16-26

Well, you’ve done it. You’ve reached the end of this lengthy email. You must care a lot about Cedar Mill Little League. Please know that it takes hundreds of volunteers to build and run this amazing organization year after year for 30 years. Thank you for your interest and participation. Let’s Play Ball!

Thank you!

Melissa Gresham, Player Agent

[email protected]

CMLL Update 12-22-18: Prep for Spring 2019

Posted Dec 28, 2018

In this note:

  • Introduction
  • How teams are formed
  • The New Minors Division
  • AAA, Minors & Majors Draft Process
  • Coaches
  • Bat & Helmet Reminders
  • Who’s Turning 30??
  • Spring 2019 Schedule
  • Facebook

Greetings Cedar Mill Little League -

Happy Holidays! 2019 is right around the corner and Cedar Mill Little League (CMLL) is working hard to prepare for the spring season. Last year, our league supported 535 kids across 48 teams, with the help of over 300 coaches and volunteers. Those are a bunch of numbers to say: we did a lot for our kids!

This is a lengthy email with a ton of information, please set aside some time to read through to the end! Sentences in red are requests to you.

How teams are formed:

T-ball, A, and AA:

T-ball, A, and AA teams are assembled by the player agent (Kristin Dann) based on three criteria (in the following order)… coach request, friend request, and school attended. On the rare occasion where more than 12 players request a coach, the coach will be consulted as to which 12 players will be placed on his or her team. Make sure to fill out the requests when registering your player! As you can imagine, accommodating the needs and requests of 535 kids is best accomplished when parents/guardians provide information to help us build the teams. Teams are announced in March. For any questions or concerns, please contact Kristin.

AAA, Minors, and Majors:

AAA, Minors, and Majors teams are assembled through a draft process. Coach and friend requests are not considered. The draft process is proposed and overseen by the player agent (Melissa Gresham). The goal of the draft process is to build balanced teams with comparable skills overall. It’s no fun for one team in a division to eclipse the other teams!

Player evaluations are an important part of the draft process. Player evaluations are NOT try outs. Every player will be assigned a team. In very rare occasions, a player will be recommended for a lower division (AA) if they are deemed a safety concern for AAA. Evaluations are scheduled for February 24, 2019 at Indoor Goals. Block off February 24 from 9:30am to 3:30pm to ensure you can attend: evaluations are mandatory! Player evaluations should last about an hour for each player. Evaluation times will be assigned and communicated a week or two before evaluation day. Also included in that communication will be some tips and tricks for a successful evaluation.

Each team is assigned a manager and assistant coach. Teams typically consist of eleven to twelve players. The manager’s and coach’s children are automatically assigned to their team. Every player is evaluated and the coaches’ kids are assigned a draft round in which they would have been drafted if they had not been automatically placed on their parent’s team. After coaches’ kids are assigned within the draft order, the draft coordinator oversees the selection of the remaining players. The draft is typically a serpentine process, meaning the Manager with the first selection has the last selection in the next round whereas the Manager with the last selection in Round 1 has the first selection in Round 2 and so on. You and your player will not be told in what round he or she was drafted.

If a player is not selected in the Majors division, they will be considered within the Minors or AAA drafts. If a player is not selected for the Minors division, they will be drafted within the AAA division. Majors division side note: All league-age 12 players (birthdays between Sep 1, 2006 and Aug 31, 2007) must be selected to a Majors team.

The new Minors Division:

Spring 2019 is the first season in which Cedar Mill LL is adding a Minors division. This division is an intermediate level between AAA and Majors. I’m going to be fully transparent: this division is dependent on registrations. If we do not have the players to support the formation of a new division, we will continue with AAA and Majors only. The Minors division is geared toward league-ages 10 to 11, in which the level of competition increases as compared to AAA. Emphasis remains on basic skills, playmaking decisions, teamwork and respect for umpires and coaches. The Minors division is best suited for motivated players who are familiar and comfortable with AAA concepts and ready for the next level of competition.

AAA, Minors, and Majors Draft Process Overview:

  1. Managers/Coaches Selected
  2. Player Evaluations
  3. Managers’/Coaches’ kids assigned a draft round
  4. Managers’/Coaches’ order of drafting is assigned
  5. Round 1 players drafted (if a coach’s kid is a round 1 selection, coaches skip this round)
  6. Round 2 players drafted (if a coach’s kid is a round 2 selection, coaches skip this round)
  7. Round 3 players drafted (if a coach’s kid is a round 3 selection, coaches skip this round)
  8. Rounds 4 through 11 or 12 (all league-age 12 players must be assigned to a Majors team)
  9. Teams are set and coaches communicate selection to players


Coaches are a critical part in the success of CMLL! If you have an interest in coaching or assistant coaching, please register today! Registration is on our website @ If you have never coached before or are hesitant about signing up to be a coach, please feel free to contact our Coaches Coordinator, Dave Gorman or one of our Player Agents, Kristin Dann or Melissa Gresham for more information. CMLL and Little League International provide coach development and mentoring opportunities to ensure coach success. All coaches are required to obtain a full background check and complete concussion training to ensure the health and safety of our players.

Bats & Helmets

You may have seen a recent email that was sent to the whole league regarding properly certified bats and helmets. If you haven’t already, please read the full content of the bats and helmets letter on our website. The bat standards changed on January 1, 2018. Bats must have the USA Baseball sticker on the bat. No exceptions… none.

Happy 30th Birthday, Cedar Mill Little League!

Did you know Cedar Mill Little League is now 30 years old? It’s wild to think that some of our parents and volunteers may have once been players in our league. We want to celebrate CMLL’s 30th in style (but also with budget in mind since we are a non-profit organization – no one is getting a Ferrari for this birthday). If you ever wanted to give back to Cedar Mill Little League, but didn’t want to be a coach or board member, this is a good opportunity to help out. We need volunteers to help coordinate CMLL’s 30thanniversary by helping plan and lead special events to celebrate the big 3-0! Maybe we can celebrate with a day at Alpenrose or have a big party at THPRD? If you have great ideas &/or would like to help, please contact Melissa Gresham ([email protected]) to join the CMLL 30th anniversary celebration committee!

Upcoming Schedule Items:

Jan 13 – CMLL Board meeting 6:30 to 9:00 pm – location TBD – check the website

Jan 27 – Last day for Regular registration for AAA, Minors, and Majors (why spend the extra $25?)

Feb 3 – Last day for late registration for AAA, Minors, and Majors

Feb 10 – Last day for Regular registration for T-ball, A, and AA (why spend the extra $25?)

Feb 17 – Last day for late registration for T-ball, A, and AA

Feb 22 – Spring training for AAA, Minors, and Majors 6:00 to 10:00 pm – Indoor Goals

Feb 24 – Player evaluations for AAA, Minors, and Majors 9:30 am to 3:30 pm – Indoor Goals

Feb 26 – Majors Coaches meeting & Draft (Coaches only – time and location TBD)

Feb 27 – Minors Coaches meeting & Draft (Coaches only – time and location TBD)

Feb 28 – AAA Coaches meeting & Draft (Coaches only – time and location TBD)

Apr 6 – Opening Day for Majors, Minors, & AAA

Apr 13 – Opening Day for T-ball, A, and AA

You can also check the calendar on our website,, for the latest.

And remember, registration is open NOW! Don’t hesitate or procrastinate:


In an effort to provide further resources and communications to our CMLL community, we have kicked off a revitalization of our Facebook page. You will see upcoming CMLL reminders and events as well as resources from Little League International. We hope to foster further community engagement and interaction through our Facebook forum. Although our email and webpage communication will continue to be the main source for information, please “like” or “follow” Cedar Mill Little League @ today… and invite your friends and family to do the same.\

Phew! You got to the end. If you made it all the way to the bottom of this massive email, congratulations, you are a true CMLL supporter! For your dedication to CMLL, here is a bonus video from International Little League (warning: grab your tissues):

“What will they recall from now and carry forward to then? Likely, it won’t be the scores. It will be the bonds and the lessons that come from this game, this season, this league. And those bonds and lessons… they will never be ‘Little’.”

The mission of CMLL is “to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.”

Built completely on volunteered time and resources, we need your help to run OUR league.

Thank you – have a safe and happy holiday!

Melissa Gresham

Player Agent

[email protected]

Letter from Player Agents (December 2018)

Posted Dec 13, 2018

Bats & Helmets: Cedar Mill Little League Giving Guide

Happy Holidays! For some of us, Santa is soon on his way to deliver presents to good baseball girls and boys… and their families.

If you plan to ask Santa for baseball or Cedar Mill Little League gear this year, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • BATS

Little League requires the use of certified bats according to the USA Baseball Bat standard. No exceptions. Uncertified bats will not be allowed. So if you or someone you know is interested in a new bat this year, check out the following links for a list of bat requirements to send Santa:


Cedar Mill Little League considers the safety of players and volunteers to be the top priority. Just as bats are required to be certified, helmets have requirements too. C-flaps are the latest safety improvement in helmet design. More and more Major Leaguers and Little Leaguers are choosing to use helmets that further protect their face. Although there are several “after-market” helmet attachments available, please remember that any modification to a helmet (including the addition of a c-flap) may void the manufacturers’ certification. If Santa is interested in a c-flap helmet this holiday season, please read the following:

  • Team UNIS

In the spring season, all little league teams are assigned jerseys and hats according to a Major League Baseball team (for example: T-Ball Pirates, A Rockies, AA Cubs, AAA Dodgers, Majors Red Sox). MLB team names will not be assigned until the end of March. But in the meantime, you can pick up Cedar Mill Little League Sawblades gear at the local store of one of our league sponsors, Team Unis @ 12965 NW Cornell Rd. Don’t forget, shirts, sweatshirts and hats can be personalized!


Also one of Cedar Mill Little League’s premier sponsors, Dick’s Sporting Goods should be your first stop for baseball gear this holiday season. Look for in-store and online holiday deals!

Your gift to Cedar Mill Little League: Register Early!

The holiday season is busy and hectic. Cross “Register for Spring Baseball” off your To-Do list today. Registration is open! Find the link to registration on the Cedar Mill Little League website:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the player agents: Melissa Gresham ([email protected]) or Kristin Dann ([email protected]).

Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday filled with joy!

Melissa Gresham & Kristin Dann

Player Agents

Letter from the President (November 2018)

Posted Nov 28, 2018

Baseball Families of Cedar Mill,

What a great fall ball season for Cedar Mill! A long stretch of dry weather offered near constant baseball for the 10 Cedar Mill teams who made Sunset Park our home this fall. Now that we have the holidays quickly approaching, baseball may not be at the forefront of your thoughts, but it is front and center for me. As a seasoned coach and newly elected president of CMLL, this is the time of year to set the table for a successful 2019. The recently elected Board of Directors (BOD) have been meeting to collaborate on ideas that will enable increased participation, improved coaching/player development, clear communication channels and an early eye on developing our post-season teams. I’d like to share our view on the vision for next year and beyond.

Increased Participation

Cedar Mill is well positioned in a community with highly maintained facilities at Sunset Park, HMT Complex, PCC Rock Creek in addition to our local elementary and middle schools. We offer entry level T-Ball for our young boys and girls looking to get started with our national pastime. Led by volunteer parent/coaches, this level of play is an excellent entry to organized sports for our players and parents alike. We have the facilities and the organization necessary to support growth in our entry level divisions as well as growing numbers of talented ball players to expand our higher divisions.

Coaching / Player Development

As a volunteer coach organization, we are both dependent on volunteer coaches and defined by their quality. Coaches who grow with our many levels of play may benefit from a higher level of commitment to teaching skills, communicating rules and developing young ball players along the way. To assist in this coaching development we plan to continue to offer professional coaching clinics to our volunteer coaches as well as proposing mentorship programs that facilitate knowledge sharing from our higher divisions to our newer coaches.

We believe that our league stands to all rise together as we collaborate towards improving our quality of coaching and cohesiveness as a unit. We are in the planning stages towards offering league wide development practices for position specific training. The focus on this idea is to enable growth in the specific fundamentals necessary for pitching, catching, in-fielding, out-fielding and first-base. We have connections with area baseball coaches who have expressed interest in working with CMLL on our position specific training and intend on capitalizing on those resources.


At the end of the 2018 Spring Baseball season a survey was offered to participating parents to offer feedback towards their experience in the league. This feedback was helpful and enlightening for the BOD to hear and discuss for improvements. We would like to continue this feedback process by continuing to offer a parent survey at the end of each season. For issues that need immediate attention, we’ve discussed ways to facilitate real-time communication directly with parents.

Post-Season Opportunities

We plan to discuss our post-season opportunities to families early in the spring season to ensure that the time commitments and expectations for participation are clearly understood. The extended season is an excellent platform to continue our development while working with high skilled teammates and coaches towards tournament success. The possibility to extend a season with high level competition can fuel big dreams and motivate coaches and players for improvement throughout the season.

We have a lot of positive momentum at our back with increased numbers in most of our divisions and an increasing level of interested coaches with baseball backgrounds volunteering to help our young ball players. Please assist me in this effort and spread the word to friends, neighbors and classmates that can join in the experience of Cedar Mill Little League.

Registration for Spring 2019 is now open. Please register here.

See you at the ballpark,

Craig Dean

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.



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