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The Matheny Manifesto

Mike Matheny, current Kansas City Royals manager and former professional baseball catcher, was asked to coach Little League baseball in the St. Louis area. As a veteran of youth sports, he had been witness to events that disturbed him. He saw plenty of overbearing coaches and conflict with aggressive parents. On a flight home he opened his laptop computer and started to write his terms for being a Little League coach.

His “manifesto” was about his philosophy and the basic rules for his way of improving the ballgame experience for the young men playing it. It was to be a team without parental intrusion, without a guarantee of winning, but with a faith-inspired building block of character development. Initially many parents were reluctant to join but soon Mike’s method proved to be successful at character development and winning.

A summary of his manifesto main points:

  1. Parents are the problem and the solution.
  2. Officiating will be bad, but it’s okay.
  3. Focus on the mental aspect just as much as the physical aspect.
  4. Parents must trust the coaches and coaches must be trustworthy.
  5. Family events outweigh sports events.

As a parent of a young man playing baseball, you need to read this. As a leader you also need to read it. This is truly leadership in action at the point it can truly make a difference … at the level of a young man. Of course it also applies to young ladies too.

 A Must Read For all Sports Parents and Coaches:

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The Science of Hitting, by Ted Williams

Ted Williams! Need I say more...

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Meet Coach Justin!

Coach Justin helps players develop more confidence in their game by mastering the fundamentals and teaching players to train the way pros do!  He is one of the premier elite baseball trainers in the world and is currently a collegiate baseball player.

He is the leader of one of the best baseball training channels on You Tube (Baseball Secrets) and has helped players at every single level get better.  Justin is grateful to have the privilege to lead you in your journey to becoming the best baseball player that you can be.

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Ultimate Baseball Training

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