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Player Equipment


As of the 2022 season, hats and jerseys will be ordered by the league and handed out to players by their coach at the Tee ball, A Ball and AA Ball levels. 

For upper divisions, AAA/Minors/Majors, hats are provided; however, jerseys will need to be ordered individually by the parents and personalized with the player’s last name. Once upper division teams have been finalized, your coach will send you a link to order your player's jersey through GearUp Sports. Below are prices for jerseys by division:

AAA Jerseys = $28

Minors Jerseys = $28

Majors Jerseys = $28

Player Equipment

CMLL Provides the Following For Coaches:

  • Bucket of practice balls
  • 2 dozen baseballs (game balls)
  • Bag of Wiffle Balls
  • Catchers Gear (except T-ball)
  • Tees for all levels
  • Throw down bases for all levels
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ice Packs
  • Bat Bag
  • Hitting Net for Majors Teams

The players will need to provide the following:

For additional information, click here to visit Little League International's Equipment recommendations. 

The following is suggested for players, but not required:

  • Baseball gear bag
  • Heart protectors are becoming more popular
  • Bat (bats can be provided, but many players have their it's hard to play at home without one)

Note that you will need a bat that is legal for Little League Baseball. Look for the USA Bat logo! As long as the bat has this logo, it is approved for play.

It is also important to get a bat that is the correct size. Too short of a bat will make it difficult to hit due to a small swing radius. Too heavy of a bat will make it difficult to hit due to a slow swing speed. A good rule of thumb is that a player should be able to hold the bat straight out with one hand without it drooping. If it droops, it's too heavy. Also note that bats of the same length will have different weights. 

Little League U.S.A Bat Standards

Little League International has changed the bat standards starting January 1, 2018. Bats that were used in previous seasons are no longer legal to use in Little League games. Bats must have the USA Baseball symbol on the bat. 

View list of approved and licensed composite bats.