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Dear CMLL Coaches, Parents and Players,

Here is information regarding CMLL postseason play for 10U, 11U and 12U All-Stars and Honors. 


At the end of the regular season, CMLL will field three highly competitive All-Star teams to compete in the District 4 tournaments at the 10U, 11U, and 12U Majors  levels. The winners of these three tournaments advance to the respective state tournaments. For the 10U and 11U teams, State is the end, but the winner of the State 12U Majors tournament advances to Regionals and eventually to the Little League World Series.


CMLL  fields teams at the 8U/10U and11U/12U levels for an Honors tournament.  Honors tournaments have less stringent rules.  Teams bat the rosters and have free defensive substitutions.  This format can allow for more evenly distributed playing time.  Honors tournament winners do not advance to a State Tournament.  Honors teams are finished after the District tournament. Most importantly, any player that wants to play Honors will be placed on a team.

Post season participation is a unique opportunity for our players, and the expectation is that the tournaments and the practices leading up to the tournaments take priority over other activities, including sports camps, other sports, and vacations.

Honors Tournament Dates - June 11th – June 22nd (tournament locations are TBD) 

Schedule for 2022 All-Stars: (Note: dates are tentative) 

Player Division

Regional D4 Tournament dates and Location

State Tournament dates and location

West/Pacific Northwest dates and location 

Little League World Series


June 23rd – June 30th 





 July 5th – July 9th




12U (Majors)

July 10th – July 17th





One the CMLL Spring season begins, I will share  additional information,  explaining the the All-Star/Honors registration processes, along with how CMLL selects coaches and players for teams. Should you have any questions prior to my next email, please feel free to email me at

Kind regards,

Brian Tosky