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    Division Teams / Standings

    Visit the Play Ball section at the top of the page to access Divisions Standings and team information, or click below to be taken directly to there. Standings will update as coaches input game scores. 

    Spring 2023 CMLL Division Standings

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    CMLL Boundary - Schools

    To participate in CMLL, you must either reside in the boundaries of the following elementary schools or you may attend a public or private school that is located within these boundaries.

    - Barnes
    - Bethany
    - Bonny Slope
    - Cedar Mill
    - Elmonica
    - Findley
    - Jacob Wismer
    - McKinley
    - Oak Hills
    - Ridgewood
    - Rock Creek
    - Sato
    - Springville
    - Terra Linda
    - West TV
    - William Walker

    To check if your home address or the address of your school is within Cedar Mill Little League boundaries, please use the Little League International League Finder application.

    During the registration process, it will ask you what school your player attends. For those of you registering a player in pre-k or attends a private school and don't see your school in the drop down menu, please contact the CMLL Player Agent.      

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