AA Ball (boys & girls / ages 7-9) - Typically 2nd - 3rd Grade

AA Ball is geared toward 2nd and 3rd graders with a few advanced 1st graders playing. This is a transitional level in which both the players and coaches share the pitching duties using hard baseballs rather than the softer Tee-Balls used in Tee-Ball and A Ball. This is an important level as it is the players' first look at "kid-pitching". The coaches will pitch at the beginning of the season, but by the middle of the season, the players will begin to pitch more. The rules of baseball are more closely followed. Balls and strikes are counted and scores are kept. Teams are formed with a maximum of 12 players per roster. Teams will be expected to play and/or practice 2-3 times per week.

This AA Ball program is for players ages 7-9 that have a good grasp of most, if not all, Tee Ball and A Ball criteria, and ready to learn the following basics during their AA Ball season. If your 7 year old has not played Tee-Ball or A Ball before, we recommend signing them up for A Ball, not AA. Please note it is highly recommended players play two years in the AA Ball level, before moving to the AAA Ball level. Your AA Ball player should be ready to learn the following basics during the season:

  • Hitter will know how to confidently face a player pitcher
  • Hitter will know the proper way to move out of the way of a pitch, and time their swing to the pitch speed
  • Catcher will know how to provide a proper target for the pitcher, and throw the ball back to the pitcher accurately and timely
  • Pitcher will know the basics of pitching (including balance and squaring the shoulders to the target)
  • Runners must know how/when to run through first base and/or tale a turn towards second base
  • Fielders will have a fairly good grasp of where to go for the easiest out
  • Fielders should know how to run a relay on balls hit to the outfield
  • First baseman should have a good grasp on how to move around the first base bag

Be sure to check here for Equipment Requirements.

Practices and games: In Spring your team will have either have practices or games two to three times a week Monday-Thursday and on Saturdays. In Fall your team will have practices two days a week M/W or T/Th. Two games are played each weekend, typically Sat & Sun, but also some Friday evenings. There is no way of telling you which days you will practice right now. Spring game schedules are not known at this time. Each division in Cedar Mill Little League has a league coordinator who puts together the practice and game schedule for their respective league. By the week of the coaches meeting, each coordinator will have been given their fields and times they have available and will start making the schedule. In Fall, Little League Oregon District 4 makes the games schedules because we play other leagues in our district.


Any special requests or considerations should be noted during registration so that appropriate consideration can be taken when placing players on teams.