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Spring 2023 Registration

Registration is now OPEN for the Spring 2023 season!  Visit the link above or click HERE to sign your player(s) up today! 

Deadlines to register: 

Upper Divisions (AAA, Minors, Majors) - February 5th 

Lower Divisions (Tee Ball, A, AA) - March 5th

Teams for spring are formed at the T-ball, A Ball, AA Ball, AAA Ball, Minors, and Majors levels. Please note that age recommendations are based on “league age." See the age chart on the Little League International for more details.  The same information can be found on the registration form should you have any questions during the registration process. 

Typical Age
2023 League Age
(Birth Date)
Tee ball
4 to 7
Sept 2015 to Aug 2019
A Ball
5 to 7
Sept 2015 to Aug 2018
  • Understand the definition of an "Out".
  • Throw and catch ~ 20 ft on a consistent basis.
  • Able to hit a slow pitch on a consistent basis.
  • Coach pitch 
  • Players use a safety ball,  not a hardball
AA Ball
6 to 9
Sept 2013 to Aug 2017
  • Understands Strikes and Balls.
  • Throw and catch ~ 45 ft on a consistent basis.
  • Can get out of the way of a ball thrown at them.
  • 1st year player pitch. 
AAA Ball
7 to 11
Sept 2011 to Aug 2016
  • Understands Strategy and knows his/her job on each defensive play.
  • Throw and catch ~ 60 ft on a consistent basis.
  • Can hit medium/fast pitch baseballs.  
9 to 11
Sept 2011 to Aug 2014
10 to 12
Sept 2010 to Aug 2013


The above chart is only a guide. Please review the Division Descriptions to help determine which level your player should be enrolled in. These are very general guidelines and we ask that you make the best decision for your player based on their current skill level, comfort, and ability to adapt to a higher level of competition.      

If there are any questions on which level / division to enroll your player in, please reach out to our Player Agents PRIOR to registering.

Please understand that division / team changes cannot be accommodated after teams are formed and the regular season has begun. If you have already registered and feel you may need to change the division you’ve registered for, please reach out to our Player Agents for instructions.

Fees and costs for the 2023 Season (TBD): 

Level  Cost
Tee Ball $100
A Ball  $150
AA Ball $150
AAA Ball* $200
Minors* $200
Majors* $200


*Uniforms are no longer part of the registration process for AAA Ball, Minors, and Majors. Instead, uniforms will be purchased via Gear Up Sports. Additional information will be sent to you via your child's coach. You will be a sent a link from your child's coach once he/she is placed on a team.